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Welcome to freedom of faith and action.
Welcome to Progressive Christianity Aotearoa.

Who we are and what we mean

cropped-2012-03-25-Thorndon-20.jpg“Progressive Christian” can encompass a wide range of views, but characteristics often include:

  • valuing questioning over certainty
  • inviting people to participate without insisting they become like us
  • discovering the heart of Jesus’ teaching and practice of love through social justice and ethical living.

Progressive Christianity Aotearoa is a space for people exploring just living, spirituality and faith with 21st century sensibilities, especially in a South Pacific context.

“The real reason why progressive Christianity exists is not to prune away archaisms and false accretions. It exists to be an authentic gospel voice, to proclaim the good news of Jesus’ life and teaching: a vision of humanity united to the sacred and to one another in love and justice.”—Rev Dr Margaret Mayman

“Progressive isn’t a place. It is a state of mind and the next step from wherever you find yourself entrenched. Whether in the church, in your workplace, or in your relationships, a progressive perspective is characterized by openness, passion, creativity and willingness to explore beyond wherever you are at the moment.”— from the Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity



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“Being a progressive Christian, for me, means living with faith not belief. And by faith, I mean not ‘having faith’ but living faithfully: faith as a verb, faith as action, faith as following the Jesus Way without being sure where it will take us. It’s about looking at familiar things in a new way, valuing our traditions and creating new ones.”Bronwyn Angela White


St Andrew’s Church

exploring just living and faith in the 21st century


exploring just living and faith in the 21st century

Brian McLaren

exploring just living and faith in the 21st century

Kōtukutuku in spring

After the darkness, new leaves unfurl. Flowers open to the light. The korimako returns to sing.


Discussing the INTERfaith questions that arise WITHIN our religious traditions

Spirituality and Wellbeing

Discussion about the spirit and spirituality.

Pragmatic Mystic

Joining the conversation about God, the Cosmos, Progressive Christianity, Sustainable Development, Being Human, and Everything Else.

Secular Chaplain

A Natural Sanctuary for Freethinkers


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