Unexpected News – a Prayer

God, we’ve been thinking today about receiving unexpected news, something most of us are familiar with. Sometimes the news is good and exciting other times it’s bad news.

Our reaction can often be, like Mary’s: “How can this be?”

Help us, God, to realise that it is in the hearing of surprise news that we learn and grow as people. May we know that you will help us through these times through other people and to realise that it is our reaction to unexpected news that is all important.

Be with those who listen, those who support in practical ways and help all of us as we seek to build community, to live fully, to love extravagantly and be the best people we can be.

(c) Linda Wilkins, St Andrews on The Terrace, Sunday 23 March 2014
image: The Annunciation-A Modern Mary by Esmond Lyons