Who is this man? – hymn lyrics by Mary Pearson

Words: Mary Pearson. Music: Londonderry Air

Who is this man who gave to women dignity
in partnership of worth and equal grace?
Who listened to the stories that they told him,
and honoured each, whatever was their place:
who let them choose to come and join his company
and learned with them God’s love of every race,
who showed to each the courage of their nature
to care and tend each lonely and each suffering face.

Who is this man, who spoke to men of gentleness
and showed them all the children at his side:
who taught of love and justice for all people,
and took a towel and washed away their pride?
In him they saw the strength of truth and mercy,
and how he trusted God to be his guide,
knew how he led them through misunderstanding,
and then forgave them when they ran away to hide.

Who is this man who gathered people to him
and touched their lives along each dusty way,
who spoke to all with passion and with peacefulness
and valued all their ordinary days.
Who is this man, who at the day’s long ending,
would draw apart to wait on God and pray?
Who in the mystery that knows no ending,
would find God’s wisdom
and would know God’s words to say?

Who is this man who calls us now to follow,
a shadow presence asking us to be
companions on the way through this life journey,
to live in truth, to set our tired world free?
So, let us find each other now in partnership,
with ears to hear and eyes awake to see,
that we might grow in grace and understanding,
and walk beside that man who comes from Galilee.