Holy Families, Outrageous Possibilities

Imagine you’ve been sitting on the hillside, minding your sheep and your own business, when suddenly the angelic host appears and frightens you out of your wits. Then fast forward a bit—you’re running towards Bethlehem to see the new baby and his family.

Now, freeze frame again:

How do you see the Holy Family?  What do they look like?  “Ordinary”?—what does that mean?  Iconic?  A nativity scene or an artist’s impression?  Surrounded by shepherds and angels and animals, or isolated and on the run from Herod—or from dubious family members still unsure of Joseph’s wisdom in marrying Mary?  Perhaps you see a pageant—a filmstrip of images one after the other, screening numerous family scenes and mythologies and narratives. Hold them in your mind’s eye…

This year, next year, it’s our families who need to be the holy families, the communities of possibility and hope. This year, next year—day by day, in the attitudes we hold, the decisions we make, we can save the earth, and save its peoples. Not through grand gestures and heroic deeds, but through story telling and nurturing the hope, stepping out with sometimes inexplicable faith,  celebrating the outrageous possibility that our gifts are already changing the world, saving humankind, saving the earth.


Photograph © bronwyn angela white (2014), Kapiti
Photograph © bronwyn angela white (2014), Kapiti



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