Supporting a Living Wage

In Early May 2013 the St Andrew’s on The Terrace Parish Council voted for St Andrew’s to become a Living Wage Church.

Following that great Social Justice decision, on 23 May, Margaret Mayman spoke at the launch of “The Living Wage” campaign in Auckland.  Read the speech here: living wage.

EXTRACT FROM 2015 SUBMISSION to Wellington City Council on Draft Long Term Plan 2015 – 2025

This submission is made by the Parish Council of St Andrew’s on The Terrace, Wellington. St Andrew’s on The Terrace is a Presbyterian congregation, first established in 1840, with a long and distinguished record of working for social justice and caring for people within and beyond our community.

living wageSt Andrew’s has consistently promoted the adoption of the Living Wage since the Living Wage movement came to Wellington, and as we have previously stated “as a Christian church we are motivated by our concern for the Common Good of our society. Recognising the worth of every person is a core value of our faith. As members of a progressive Christian faith community, we stand in solidarity with the vulnerable and we care deeply about the well-being of all New Zealanders.

We base our participation in this process on our belief that human societies do best when we follow the golden rule that is at the heart of many religious traditions: that we treat others as we would want to be treated by them. We have a collective responsibility to co-create a “good society” and we must ensure that all citizens are able to participate equally in society and its institutions, including access to a decent income from employment…


ABOUT  Living Wage Movement Aotearoa New Zealand living wage 2

As the gap between the rich and the poor grows in New Zealand and poverty increases, more and more New Zealanders don’t get paid enough to meet their needs, enjoy their lives and participate in society.

All over the world communities are uniting to address poverty and inequality through living wage campaigns. Living Wage Movement Aotearoa New Zealand brings together community/secular, union and faith-based groups around a common goal of achieving a Living Wage that will enable workers to live with dignity and participate as active citizens in society...