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Bishop Richard Randerson Slips the Moorings

image‘Slipping the Moorings’ is a new Memoir weaving faith with justice, ethics and community by Richard Randerson. Books may be ordered from for $30 + p&p.

A new study guide to the book is available Here

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Occupy Spirituality – a Radical Vision for a New Generation

Occupy Spirituality: A Radical Vision for a New Generation (Sacred Activism)

Occupy-Spirituality“In Occupy Spirituality, our friends Adam Bucko and the Rev. Matthew Fox have begun a multigenerational conversation that is becoming critical to accomplishing the kind of change we want to see in spirituality today. Being deeply connected to the two ends of the spectrum of adult life, and looking together at the growing edge of spirituality and modern culture, they are helping all of us to find our way.”

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Karen Armstrong

Karen ArmstrongI love the way Karen Armstrong always manages to offer a new way of looking at the material she is researching.  Her books are always worth reading for that perspective alone, but also the depth of research she presents means the depth of her work is also outstanding.

Karen Armstrong  is a British author and commentator known for her books on comparative religion. A former Roman Catholic religious sister, she went from a conservative to a more liberal and mystical Christian faith

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Holy Families, Outrageous Possibilities

Imagine you’ve been sitting on the hillside, minding your sheep and your own business, when suddenly the angelic host appears and frightens you out of your wits. Then fast forward a bit—you’re running towards Bethlehem to see the new baby and his family.

Now, freeze frame again:

How do you see the Holy Family?  What do they look like?  “Ordinary”?—what does that mean?  Iconic?  A nativity scene or an artist’s impression?  Surrounded by shepherds and angels and animals, or isolated and on the run from Herod—or from dubious family members still unsure of Joseph’s wisdom in marrying Mary?  Perhaps you see a pageant—a filmstrip of images one after the other, screening numerous family scenes and mythologies and narratives. Hold them in your mind’s eye…

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HYMN FOR ANZAC DAY – Shirley Murray

Honour the dead, our country’s fighting brave,
honour our children left in foreign grave,
where poppies blow and sorrow seeds her flowers,
honour the crosses marked forever ours.

Weep for the places ravaged with our blood,
weep for the young bones buried in the mud,
weep for the powers of violence and greed,
weep for the deals done in the name of need. Continue reading HYMN FOR ANZAC DAY – Shirley Murray