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Prayer at Pentecost in Aotearoa

In this season of Pentecost in Aotearoa –

leaves flaming on autumn trees
drifting onto our heads
as we scuff across leaf-crunchy lawn
—may the dazzling fire and howling wind
warm but not burn us, heat but not scorch,
stir us not into whirlwind but purposeful action;
move us to compassion, breathe new life into our lungs and hearts;
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Affirmation of Faith

By Bronwyn Angela White, Wellington, NZ

By faith, Sarah and Abraham left family, household and land for the promise of a new life in Canaan.

This faith may take us, too, through labyrinths of doubt, to greener fields.

By faith, Moses led his people out of Egypt, through the Red Sea and into the desert.

This faith might sometimes lead down unpaved tracks to destinations we did not intend.

Faith is the opposite of belief: a shiny coin whose shadow-side is hope.

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Prayer for Palm Sunday – Fiona McDougal

Each triumphal entry holds within it the possibility of crucifixion.
In each joy of our lives, we are aware of the possibility of pain.

Blowing out the candles of our birthday cake, we realise we are getting older.
As we hold a newborn grandchild, our delight is deepened as we ponder how generations come and go.

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