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Faith is having the courage… a responsive prayer

Faith is having the courage to keep our vision
and to find our way
through the smaller rules and regulations,
to keep the flame of hope alive,
and to find ways of facing up to change and transitions.

Empowering God
when the road ahead looms endless
empower us to be companions
for one another along the road.

Inspiring God
when the road forward is blocked
inspire in us creative responses
that move us beyond the barriers.

Enabling God
when the road before us divides
enable us to make a good choice of direction.

(Shared by Maxine Cunningham)

We pray for another way of being – Michael Leunig

Dear God,

We pray for another way of being:
another way of knowing.

Across the difficult terrain of our existence
we have attempted to build a highway
and in so doing have lost our footpath.

God lead us to our footpath:
Lead us there where in simplicity
we made move at the speed of natural creatures
and feel the earth’s love beneath our feet.
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Prayer at Pentecost in Aotearoa

In this season of Pentecost in Aotearoa –

leaves flaming on autumn trees
drifting onto our heads
as we scuff across leaf-crunchy lawn
—may the dazzling fire and howling wind
warm but not burn us, heat but not scorch,
stir us not into whirlwind but purposeful action;
move us to compassion, breathe new life into our lungs and hearts;
inspire us anew. Continue reading Prayer at Pentecost in Aotearoa

Prayer for Palm Sunday – Fiona McDougal

Each triumphal entry holds within it the possibility of crucifixion.
In each joy of our lives, we are aware of the possibility of pain.

Blowing out the candles of our birthday cake, we realise we are getting older.
As we hold a newborn grandchild, our delight is deepened as we ponder how generations come and go.

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