Beyond Borders Conference 2014

This was the first Progressive Spirituality Conference held in Aotearoa New Zealand.

“Beyond Borders” was hosted by The Community of St Luke, in Auckland.

You can find links to presentations and 2014 Conference info below.





Highlights from Day 1 Beyond the Borders

Highlights from Day 2 Beyond the Borders Conference

Interview with Brandon Scott about new book The Real Paul

From Insiders to Outsiders – Val Webb’s Presentation


Beyond the Borders conference at St Luke’s, Remuera
28-31 August 2014
original photograph © bronwyn angela white 2014








The Progressive Christian network in New Zealand is linked with Common Dreams in Australia.

Dick Carter of Common Dreams replies to 3 x questions on Beyond the Borders Progressive Spirituality Conference

Rachael Kohn interviewing guests Day 2 Beyond the Borders

St Andrew’s Church

exploring just living and faith in the 21st century


exploring just living and faith in the 21st century

Brian McLaren

exploring just living and faith in the 21st century

Kōtukutuku in spring

After the darkness, new leaves unfurl. Flowers open to the light. The korimako returns to sing.


Discussing the INTERfaith questions that arise WITHIN our religious traditions

Spirituality and Wellbeing

Discussion about the spirit and spirituality.

Pragmatic Mystic

Joining the conversation about God, the Cosmos, Progressive Christianity, Sustainable Development, Being Human, and Everything Else.

Secular Chaplain

A Natural Sanctuary for Freethinkers


21st Century Progressive Christian Pastor

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