Interview with Brandon Scott about new book “The Real Paul”

Westar Institute & Polebridge Press have posted Part 1 and Part 2 – follow the link.

Bernard Brandon Scott

“A slow rumbling, that has been building up among New Testament scholars for the past twenty years, is only now beginning to make its effects felt on a more general public. A new Paul is beginning to emerge, one who differs from the Paul of the traditional church that has co-opted him for almost two thousand years. The new Paul threatened Roman authorities with anti-imperial rhetoric, much of which is still operative today. Thus, the new Paul may prove an even more radical challenge to church and society than did the historical Jesus.”See more about Bernard Brandon Scott’s latest book on our Good Books page.

Bernard was a keynote speaker at our “Beyond the Borders” Conference in August 2014  and outlined his theme for the newly published book on “The Real Paul”.

AuthorTalk host and longtime Westar Associate Ron Way writes:

“I know that you are going to want to hear… this series on the Apostle Paul. The book is called, The Real Paul by Brandon Scott. This book is only a couple of weeks old, and is the number 1 New Release in New Testament Biographies on Amazon!

“Paul is a unique person in the history of Christendom. He never knew Jesus when he was alive (although they were contemporaries), he warned people that they shouldn’t listen to the disciples that were hand picked by Jesus, and he said that even if the angels themselves came down to earth and preached a different gospel, that they should be ignored –

yet our Christian faith is largely shaped by this man. To not understand him is to not understand our faith.”

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