Progressive Presbyterian

Welcome home to freedom of belief and a tradition of dissent

Welcome home to Presbyterianism characterised by education and intellect, democratic organisation and local parish responsibility, social engagement and exploration.

Since their beginnings in 16th century Europe and Scotland, Presbyterian churches have been committed to a number of basic values:

  • faith in Jesus Christ (both personal and corporate)
  • a democratic approach to church structure and governance
  • involvement in society
  • a freedom of belief and understanding and
  • the value of education

Although there’s a long Presbyterian tradition of disagreement, dissension, protest(antism), reformation, secession and disruption, we’re also good at building community – and not all Presbyterians are argumentative!  We value individuals’ journeys, embrace questioning and nurture faith in community.

How can we have spacious conversations?
How can the whole church engage in “God’s gracious love”?

Read some of the Postings on this site tagged with Progressive Presbyterian.

Issues that ‘progressive’ Presbyterians are thinking about right now:

PCANZ General Assembly 2016

  • opposing ratification of the 2014 vote preventing Presbyterian ministers from marrying same-sex couples
  • opposing an earlier decision that LGBTQ people and those in de facto relationships cannot be ordained as Presbyterian ministers

Supporting a Living Wage for all workers – an example

Fair Trade

Promoting peace and disarmament

From PCANZ website

Presbyterian Church condemns attack on gay nightclub in America


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