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Articles and Reflections by a number of Progressive Voices:

Sacred Energy (Mass of the Universe)

Christ, the Archetype – Ian Harris

Black cat in a dark room – Ian Harris Arguments about the reality of God are mostly misconceived or obsolete, says Ian Harris. It’s time for a change in perspective.

Christians – dangerous or boring? Tony Franklin-Ross shares some thoughts from the 2016 NZ Common Dreams Conference  – first printed in Methodist Touchstone

Faith and politics – some historical thoughts Jim McAloon’s Presentation at the 2016 NZ Common Dreams Conference

FutureChurch 10 years on… Rosemary Neave was behind a venture called FutureChurch funded by the Methodist Church to network and explore new ways of being ‘church’ – particularly those emerging outside the institutional Church.

Holy Families, Outrageous Possibilities Bronwyn Angela White asks, How do you see the Holy Family?  What do they look like?  “Ordinary”?—what does that mean?  Iconic?  A nativity scene or an artist’s impression?

Light in the midst of darkness Fred Plumer reflects on Christmas

Te Tumu Herenga Waka and the Fishers – A Te-Mana-nui-o-Kiwa Kōrero – Bronwyn Angela White reflects on Jesus as mooring post, and a Pacific Theology,  in a reflection on Oceans Sunday

Was Jesus hungry, not hospitable? “Hospitality” is one of the key values of contemporary progressive Christianity – but is that how the gospels portrayed Jesus?

Who was this man? (Fiona McDougal) A “triptych” of readings – Simon’s mother-in-law, A hired man and One of the companions formed Fiona’s Reflection (sermon)

Why keep going to church? (Bronwyn Angela White) “If we love to sing, discuss, celebrate, reflect, hear and act with spirit and faith and meaning, church is a good place to do it!”

World War I – Faith and Reason (Ian Harris) “A hundred years on it is right to remember their sacrifice, question the reasons for it, discern the modern-day parallels – and then resolve to strengthen the defences of peace in the minds of men and women.

St Andrew’s Church

exploring just living and faith in the 21st century


exploring just living and faith in the 21st century

Brian McLaren

exploring just living and faith in the 21st century

Kōtukutuku in spring

After the darkness, new leaves unfurl. Flowers open to the light. The korimako returns to sing.


Discussing the INTERfaith questions that arise WITHIN our religious traditions

Spirituality and Wellbeing

Discussion about the spirit and spirituality.

Pragmatic Mystic

Joining the conversation about God, the Cosmos, Progressive Christianity, Sustainable Development, Being Human, and Everything Else.

Secular Chaplain

A Natural Sanctuary for Freethinkers


21st Century Progressive Christian Pastor

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