Prayers before All Saints Day

These prayers are in part created after attending the memorial service of New Zealand unionist, Helen Kelly… and for the Sunday before All Hallows Eve.

God beyond and within, All Saints and All Souls is in some way about those who have died, those who have gone before us, those to whom we show respect and love.

We come with gratitude to heroes and saints: those famous and those known only to ourselves—we name them in silence; those who had a public life and a private life, those who stood for causes, those who wanted justice, those who wanted a better world; those who have simply smiled or said hello.

While many of our heroes and saints have indeed passed away, they are still alive in our minds and hearts, their causes and need for justice remain: may we continue with the fight for those causes.

However many days or weeks or years, their memory and spirit remains alive and well.

God beyond and within may we be tricked and treated; may we smile and laugh.


© Graham Howell (2016), Wellington


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