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Progressive and Christian? Feminist and Christian?

Isn’t this a contradiction in terms? 

Elizabeth Schüssler-Fiorenza
Elizabeth Schüssler-Fiorenza

In the 1980s I was involved in debates over whether we could be a feminist and a christian.  The answer very much depended, of course, by what we mean by christian.   For Daphne Hampson, a UK feminist, the answer was no.  Christianity was and is and ever shall be irredeemably patriarchal.

For Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza, a US Catholic feminist the answer was yes.  She identified a thread of counter culture that had always been present in Christianity – and it was this that she identified with.  Not the establishment voice, but the voice of prophecy, the cries for justice, the Sophia tradition of wisdom. Continue reading Progressive and Christian? Feminist and Christian?